A Delightful Three Course Meal with Finger Lakes wines by Heron Hill


Durum Whole Wheat Spaghetti and Broccoli with a 2020 Pinot Gris by Heron Hill

A simple garlic and oil sauce tossed with blanched broccoli and spaghetti. This Pinot Gris is well rounded and soft on the palate with lush notes of stone fruit, citrus accents, and moderate acidity. A delightful pair with this light-hearted pasta and vegetable dish. 


Broiled Salmon & Sauteed Spinach With a 2019 Ingle Vineyard “Oaked” Chardonnay by Heron Hill

Delicately seasoned salmon topped with sauteed spinach and a light white wine sauce. Savory and bold flavors from this healthy robust fish make it a great pair for this Finger Lakes “Oaked” Chardonnay. The crisp acidity, classic Finger Lakes minerality, and pleasant fruit notes on the finish make it a perfect pair for this savory and fatty fish dish. 


Zeppole Fritters and Sweet Watermelon Sauce With a Bubbly Moscato by Heron Hill

Classic Italian zeppole dough infused with riced potato makes these fritters light and crispy. Add a watermelon reduction sauce with a touch of vanilla extract and take a dip! This vibrant aromatic and pleasantly sweet Bubbly Moscato is the perfect libation to address the fried crispy characteristics of the zeppole and marries well with the equally aromatic and sweet watermelon sauce.

Published by mruglio

I'm a third-generation Italian American cook that is passionate about Italian food and all that surrounds it.

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