Whole Wheat Cavatelli & Broccoli

I don’t think it matters if you grew up Italian-American or not. Everybody knows “Cavatelli & Broccoli.” Regarding the way we are going to prepare it here, I’m asking all of you to step outside your cavatelli and broccoli comfort zone!  I’ve seen this dish prepared in all different ways. Some like to add chickenContinue reading “Whole Wheat Cavatelli & Broccoli”

Grandma Assunta’s Cured Olives & Pasta

I love this one! It’s a real “siggy” type of dish. My grandmother was not Sicilian but my grandfather was. After discussing this dish with my mother, we came to the conclusion Grandma Sue would make Sicilian-style dishes like this one for Grampa Vincent. Although this salty/savory dish has no golden raisins in it, IContinue reading “Grandma Assunta’s Cured Olives & Pasta”

Linguine Aglio e Olio

Oh boy. I’m in simple peasant heaven!! I can’t back this up with fact at the moment, but, legend has it this dish was created by the poor folks in Naples that could not afford clams! An authentic Neapolitan Aglio e Olio is essentially the same ingredients as “Linguine with Clam Sauce” (minus the clamsContinue reading “Linguine Aglio e Olio”