Fried Eggplant

“Melanzana Fritta” If you are going to serve fried eggplant with your antipasto, make it the best fried eggplant it can be! Believe me, your guests will appreciate it!  I have had dinner guests tell me they don’t even like eggplant but they love mine. Well, there is a reason for that. I take theContinue reading “Fried Eggplant”

Home Made Roasted Peppers

Roasted peppers like you’ve never had them before! An antipasto classic! I love serving this with the first course. Maybe with some crispy fried eggplant that’s still warm and handmade mozzarella (also still warm).  When we think of roasted peppers, maybe the thought of some nicely packed peppers from a jar comes to mind. AndContinue reading “Home Made Roasted Peppers”

Raphaella’s Ciambotta (“Jambot”)

It’s summertime! One veggie that always pops into my brain every summer is zucchini! And when I think of zucchini, I think of my mother’s ciambotta, or “jambot.” This dish is the epitome of the simple, healthy, nourishing way of Italian peasant cuisine. The beauty and essences of this dish is the way the veggiesContinue reading “Raphaella’s Ciambotta (“Jambot”)”