“Utica Greens”

Ahhh…Utica Greens! This one is unique! I just love local fare. Being born and raised in New Jersey (now an Upstate New Yorker) we have our share of local classics. But, Utica Greens is just one of those dishes that I just can’t get enough of. It’s such a delectable and different way to enjoyContinue reading ““Utica Greens””

Lemberger (AKA “Blaufränkisch”) with London Broil, Utica Greens and Baked Polenta

I’ve been chomping at the bit to post my first in-depth wine paring that works with my style of cooking. In this case, it was the wine that drove the idea for the meal. I love Finger Lakes Lembergers! (AKA Blaufränkisch). So I did a little research online to see what’s to be said aboutContinue reading “Lemberger (AKA “Blaufränkisch”) with London Broil, Utica Greens and Baked Polenta”